The Grand Eastern Indian Lunch Menu

These are the current special offers we are promoting, giving our customers the utmost value for money, and an opportunity to savour a wider diversity of our delicious dishes.

Lunchtime 3 Course Meal Offer £9.95

Currently Available from 12:00 noon until 2:30pm

Chana Bhaji

Onion Bhaji

Chicken Chandan

Vegetable Samosa

Chicken Korma

Mild, creamy flavoured curry

Lamb Mon Passand

Fresh, slightly hot yoghurt based massalla sauce

Prawn Patia

Fresh onions and tomatoes in a sweet and sour sauce

Chicken Tikka Massalla

Chef's speciality with massalla sauce

Chicken Sagwalla

Served with spiced spinach


Select a Vegetarian Main Course

Vegetable Dhansak

Sweet and sour curry served with a thick lentil based gravy

Vegetable Kachori

Spicy sauce infused with spinach and aromatic fenugreek leaves

Vegetable Biryani

Spiced vegetable fried rice served with Vegetable Curry

Served with Pillau Rice (except with Veg Biryani) OR Small Nan and a choice of Coffee or Vanilla Ice Cream

Special 2 Course a la Carte Mean Offer £13.95

Available Sunday to Tuesday only. Up to a maximum table of four.

Papadom & Chutney to begin. Then choose any Starter from the list below plus a Chef's Classic or Signature Speciality dish


Tandoori Chicken

(Mohrarshta) Spring Chicken marinated in spicy yoghurt sauce with herbs, barbecued in the tandoori

Chicken Chandan

(Calcutta) Marinated in a very mild home-made cream, cashew nut, milk and white pepper blend, barbecued in the tandoori

Chicken Tikka

(mohrarshtra) Marinated with medium spiced bresat pieces of Chicken, off the bone, barbecued in the tandoori

Sheek Kabab

(Delhi) Minced Lamb, prepared with fresh herbs, spices, garlic, ginger, chilli, aromatically flavoured and barbecued in the tandoori

Butty Kebab

(Bengal) Delicately spiced Lamb chunks, barbecued to succulence in the tandoori, garnished with fried onions and green pepper

Dhaka Chicken Roll

(Dhaka) Shredded Chicken marinated with specially selected spices and herbs, shallow fried then wrapped in a Paratha

Prawn Buree

Deliciously spiced Prawns served over a Chapati bread

Chana Bhaji

(Bengal) Slightly hot, spicy fried Chick Peas

Onion Bhaji

(Bihar) Sliced Onions in a spicy batter, deep fried

Vegetable Samosa

(Kerala) Triangular pastry stuffed with Vegetables

Chef's Classics

Chicken £9.50 | Tiger Prawn £10.50 | Lamb £10.95


A very mild, slightly sweet dish. Cooked in a rich, creamy sauce, flavoured with yoghurt and coconut

Tikka Massalla

Marinated in yoghurt, herbs, and spices, grilled in the tandoori. Enriched with an exotic sweet, creamy, home made massalla sauce


(Bengal) Prepared with onions, tomato and fresh herbs, with a sweet and sour flavoured sauce


Cooked in a cast iron Karahi pan, with a thick aromatic sauce with onions, tomatoes, and herbs

Rogan Josh

Medium spiced with onions, herbs, and lots of chunky tomatoes


(Punjab) A medium spiced curry with delicately flavoured soft spinach


Sauce with Balti spices and extra diced onions


Spicy curry with a thick, flavoursome sauce with tomato and spices


A sweet and sour hot curry, with a thick Dahl (lentil) based sauce


A hot curry with lots of strong, spicy sauce


A hot and spicy dish, enlivened with fresh chillies, tomatoes, onions, and chunks of green pepper

Signature Specialities

Chicken £9.95 | Tiger Prawn £10.95 | Lamb £11.50


(Northern India) A mild, delicately spiced dish with blended cashew nuts and fennel seeds, a home-made butter and tomato-based sauce with cream and onions. A flavoursome take on the traditional Tikka Massalla

Khaju Nawaz

Very mild with a rich white cream sauce, infused with onions and yoghurt. Subtle spices complimented with a delicate cashew blend


(Sylhet) Cooked in traditional Bengali spices, deliciously complimented with a unique tangy fruit found only in Sylhet, similar to lime

Mon Passand

A superb, slightly hot dish, mixed with a unique blend of herbs, chopped fenugreek, spices, and an addictive yoghurt massalla sauce

Tikka Taka Tak

A slightly hot dish with an aromatically spiced, tangy tomato and cinnamon sauce, enhanced by spring onions, garlic, and green chilli

Garlic Chilli Zohary

A luscious hot curry with a specially prepared mouth watering, diced garlic infused sauce

Served with Boiled Rice OR Pillau Rice OR any Nan